How to use the House of Representatives internet TV service
Today's Proceedings
  1. On this page, House floor proceedings can be viewed live. The 'names of scheduled meetings' and their 'opening times' are displayed.
  2. When you click on the [ Programs in progress ] icon at the left of the 'name of meeting',then you can view the program of proceedings you have selected.
  3. Online service, in principle, starts 10 minutes before the scheduled opening time of a meeting, and finishes two minutes after the adjournment. When a scheduled meeting is cancelled, the [ Meetings cancelled ] icon will be displayed.
Tomorrow's Schedule
  1. The schedule for tomorrow's programs can be viewed here.
  2. Scheduled programs displayed are subject to change.
Video Library
  1. On this page, past transmissions of House proceedings can be viewed.
  2. The Video Library generally carries meetings from the day they are broadcast live.
  3. A meeting can be selected by 'Search meetings in calendar.' Click on a date in the calendar.
  4. A meeting can also be selected by 'Search meetings by data selection.' Select date (day, month, and year) and/or meeting from the pull-down menu, and click on the 'Search' button.
  5. In case of Search by date, please note that entering a date in the first line without another date in the second line will display meetings on that day only just like entering a date in the first line and the same date in the second line.
  6. To search by name of meeting, select it from the pull-down menu.
  7. When you click on the 'Search' button after inputting search terms, a list of search results will be displayed.
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