The 213th ordinary session of the Diet is now in session.
The term of the session is from 26 January to 23 June 2024.

Today's Proceedings
Thursday,18 April
Program scheduled Program scheduled
Program in progress Program in progress
Meeting closed Meeting closed
Meeting cancelled Meeting cancelled
Scheduled opening times Plenary/Committee meetings, etc
13:00 Program in progress  Plenary sitting
9:00 Meeting closed  Internal Affairs and Communications (Std)
9:00 Meeting closed  Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Std)
9:00 Meeting closed  National Security (Std)
9:00 Meeting closed  Investigation of Nuclear Power Issues (Sp)
9:00 Meeting closed  Regional Revitalization, Policies on Children, and Digital Society Promotion (Sp)
10:00 Meeting closed  Commission on the Constitution
Tomorrow's Schedule

The schedule for tomorrow's programs is not yet known.

[Notice on program schedule]
  1. The program schedule is, in principle, displayed from 3:00 p.m. on the previous day. If the schedule is not fixed by 3:00 p.m., it will be given as soon as it has been decided.
Video Library

(Since 18.1.2010)

Video Archives

In the Video Archives, you can view videos of past House proceedings from the 120th Diet session in January 1991 through the 173rd Diet session in December 2009. Please note that some footage of those proceedings held prior to the 152nd Diet session in August 2001 may not be available. Before August 2001, not all the committee rooms had equipment for broadcasting installed.
* Footage in the Video Archives has poor image quality as it was restored from older videos.

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